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Posted by Sudeep Pandey on January 22, 2011

There were very old days, as we read in Vedas, when people were identified and tagged with a caste,based on what profession they were in. Castes were not inherited from father to son… And anyone based on their merits/demerits was identified as brahmin/vaishya/kshatriya/shudra. Then came an era when they started to inherit it from fathers and forefathers.. Principally it was not correct and there were a lot of movements, many enlightened souls, who tried to eradicate this casticism in pre-Independence era. Our government is “strictly against” any such policy. Or at least so I hear. What baffles me is the fact that why they still have almost every government form for any application have this column called religion and caste?? They were suppose to diminish this line of division, isn’t it? How could they eradicate this casticism by associating every Indian to his/her caste and almost identifying everyone by their caste? Some learned souls now even want census based on caste…. God!! what do I do with my politicians….

P.S.: I have been out of it since long… some more pressing things in life made it impossible to continue here. But a few people I listen to, made me come back.


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what is between mulayam and reservation: they are “just friends”

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on June 10, 2009

The flag-bearer of reservation in school/collage/govt. jobs/private jobs and where not for ST/SC/OBC/muslims and who else not, our own mr. mulayam singh yadav has now some problems with the woman reservation bill… Reason? Now he thinks that if this reservation is implemented, people (his exact words were “Leaders like Murli Manohar Joshi, Sharad Yadav, Basudeb Acharya have reached this stage not in one day but through hard struggles” ) who have worked hard all their life will be deprived of what they deserved… wonderful, isn’t it?

So now we have two categories of what one deserves after their hard work:
1) Students from upper caste (incidentally who have no hand whatsoever in deciding which caste of family they would like to be born in), who slog, study hard, and yet denied admission in good collages due to reservation. Professionals who work hard to get a position in an organization but are again denied because the seats are reserved.
2) The most elite class of India, the political leaders: Who work hard to earn (perhaps snatch would be the correct word) every single penny which would have been used in public welfare and development. Now that the Indian politics has largely been dominated by male, and those set of people have created their own place in this system, are now afraid of their horizon being shortened because now 33% of them will not be given an opportunity for “hard-work” which they’d been doing till now.

Remember, this was the same Mulayam singh yadav, who had implemented the decision of providing seats to reserved candidates in medical/engineering collage even if they’ve got 0 (zero) marks in entrance exam.

And I was thinking that only I am insane.

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Alarming situation in Pakistan

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on April 24, 2009

With every passing day the situation of pakistan is increasingly making me more afraid of its consequences. The latest thing being Buner held by Talibans and their counter-assault on forces sent to save people there. And the worst part is the policitians there are still clueless about what to do next. The more I read in news and internet about the situation (and I read quite a lot, from different and diverse sources, to have unbiased assessment), I now tend to believe even the people of pakistan have gone in denial mode which is not good. They still think that its India which is behind this… I mean grow up people! They are merely 100 Kms from your national capital. And you are still cribbing over the drone-attacks on afghan border and Indian presence in Afghanistan? I know its a mutual tendency of both country’s nationals to blame everything on each others country, but accepting sharia law in swat, cease-fire with talibans, dont tell me Indian “RAW” has infiltrated pakistan government to such an extent to have whatever executive decisions be made for themselves. I am scared because the day Pakistan goes down to talibans, India would be first recipient of the attacks by those fanatics.

Indian government is not a bit less either. They are sending NSA to Sri Lanka where LTTE is fighting lost battle.

In the meantime Indian people are enjoying IPL as well as elections. I cant enjoy either.

I hope and pray to God that sense will prevail before its too late.

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Emergence of new Indian voter

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on January 8, 2009

Shibu Soren, the CM of Jharkhand has lost the by-election in Tamar assembly seat.

For all, who have a short-term-memory-loss problem, it all started with famous nuclear deal, and the then chief minister Madhu Koda has to give way to Soren as CM (a deal mediated by our very own Lalu Yadav) in lieu of 5 “precious” votes for the nuclear deal in parliament. He has taken the office on 27 august 2008 and since he was not the member of house, he was supposed to get elected as a member within 6 months. So technically he still has a good 2 months left before he will be forced out of CM’s office, being a running CM and then loosing an assembly election (keeping in mind, its India) and when whole government functionary would be forced to work out the favorable result, shows the new face of Indian voter!!

Kudos people!!

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Jana Gana Mana…

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on December 14, 2008

I usually go to watch movie every friday… A bachaler like me has nothing much to do during weekends. One thing I loved and really look forward to, while I go watch movie in a theatre in this part of India. I am not sure of it whether it happens in other parts of India because I seldom went to movie in other parts of India. And that thing is they play “Jana Gana Mana” before the start of the movie. Everytime when I listen to him (this is deliberate: its not listen to “it”, its listen to “him”), I have a uncontrollable urge to sing along with the singers. This whole thing reminds me of morning prayer assembely in school days and the yell of “Jaaaai Hind!!” after national anthem is complete. Yet I cant do it. But some people does… I have heard them singing along…

Guys, We are talking about our national anthem, and like anything national, we have some rules associated.
For the benifit of you and all my fellow Indians, I am listing down them here (I mysef have learnt fifth point while I searched for the rules in yahoo answers):

1. Always be in attention position during the National Anthem.
2. In some countries people use to keep their right hand fist on the heart while National anthem; this is not allowed for Indian National Anthem.
3. National anthem if started then should be completed in anyways.
4. National anthem could not be sung under roof. National anthem should always be sung in open area under the sky.
5. Never use (it) for National Anthem while writing about National Anthem. He’s Live.

This is the fourth point which we should take care of while national anthem is being sung inside theatre… you cannot sing along because you are standing under a roof, its only required to be in attention position. Please do not move, stand-up if sitting, and feel the warmth and glory associated. Following rules is just another way of showing respect towards your country.

Jai Hind!

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Have we come down to this?

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on December 13, 2008

I have never been in such a state of dilemma before… Ever since I have studied geography as a subject (perhaps it was standard II or III), I have always been taught, rather shown, following as the map of India:

Map of India

Map of India

The above picture has actually been taken from http://india.gov.in/maps/indiaindex.php which, I believe, is maintained by some Indian government authorities. The only change I made to it is the straight line you can see on the top of Indian map… I’ve tried to show you guys the location of Muzaffarabad. That’s the city from where Pakistan authorities have detained a guy called Rehman Lakhvi, who has supposedly masterminded the Mumbai attacks where more than 150 people died and it’s the same place where terrorists who walked into Mumbai hotels have been trained. I have seen video footage on TV a number of times about terrorist camps running there (I am pretty sure my esteemed government must also have seen it as well). My intelligent intelligence agencies have been saying it for so long. They have shown the proof of it to US as well (like a first grader goes to his teacher saying “teacher, teacher… he slapped me… please punish him”).

So we come right to the point. I am confused… you know, asking Pakistan government to capture and crack down those terror camps in muzaffarabad is something like there is a fire at a corner in my home (indeed if I claim that part does belong to my home), and I have enough fire extinguishers with me, but I put all my weight behind a demand to my neighbour that he should extinguish it!! Why the situation is similar? The only reason, my friend, is above map. It claims muzaffarabad is a part of India, and if, you know that there are terror camps, where people get training to come to other parts of India and kill, You should have a moral responsibility to clean up the mess. You just have to pass an order to send your fighters there, and they are well equipped to take care of it. I have seen enough of their strengths during Kargil and the rest they’ve shown in Mumbai! But it’s the order that they require from you. You didn’t do it in 1971, you didn’t do it in 2003 and now again the question is facing you…

But if you don’t have the guts to pass that order: you spineless people, you filthy people, please stop showing that region as a part of your country. You don’t understand what character you’re showing by an act like this. You are showing you are a coward! You don’t have the balls to take the heat and act! And you are willingly ready to let people die because of cowardice of yours! You know what? When people die, they are dead! They can’t come back even after you do some diplomatic voo-doo! And after all this, you still (shamelessly) claim that it is part of India?

We, the descendants of Rama, Krishna, Arjuna, Guru Gobind Singh, Rana Pratap and Shivaji who lived for their people and who died for their people; have we come down to this? That’s the question you should think about…

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Time for action

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on December 5, 2008

I have been reading and hearing this since long that 26 November will be remembered in the history of India as India’s 9/11. I have initially been moved by the images that I saw on TV of how tragic and horrible a terror act can be. And like everyone else I cursed politicians for their inability, corruption and what not. And I cried when I saw peoples of the likes of Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte dying on the line of duty. And I am proud of being in a country which is guarded by such officers. And I like everyone else happily clapped for my brave commandos after they have cleaned up the whole mess. But few things have still been mystery for me as far as people of India goes…

I am seeing everyone walking with candles lit in their hand for mourning people who died in Mumbai, a gesture which I rarely saw when exactly similar things happened in Kashmir or elsewhere in India. I have never seen people talking about Major Anshu Saxena of Rashtriya Rifles who died in a night long battle in 2001 fighting with terrorist in Kupwara. I have never seen such marches for Army Majors- Dinesh Raghuraman and K P Vinay who laid their life fighting against terrorist in Tangmarg in 2007. And there had been number of unsung heroes dying in many other parts of India. I can list a number of occasions like these when I felt the pain very much similar to what I felt when I saw Hotel Taj burning. And every time my initial reactions had been same that these ministers and politicians are good for nothing. And then I decided to do my precious little to make thing better. I tried to follow the agenda of political parties and tried to choose the one among the best. And I voted!! Unlike most of the people in India for whom, voting day is a holiday given by government of India when they can sit back in their home, mown their lawns, fix their driller which is not working since long or lie down watching TV, I go out and vote. These people cry to throw away these chief-ministers, home ministers etc for they have not done their duty properly, I ask them: Have you done your constitutional duty?? Have you voted?? Why shouldn’t I ask you to be thrown away into Arabian Sea because you are the one who has not done his/her duty to elect a capable person and hence 183 people in Mumbai died? You say these politicians are dooming the nation, OK, if you think you can do this job better then them, then come, move forward and lead from the front. But till you are not involved in it or you are not doing your precious little to make this better, you have not right to curse them.

And there is another class of voters (first one being those who don’t vote at all): this class who think about whom to vote based on everything under the sun except betterment of their life and their country. They see if the candidate is his/her relative, relative of a relative, friend, friend of a friend, or if nothing works then is he/she of same caste/religion as me, all in exact order. But I consider them better than the ones who don’t even take effort to go to nearest polling station…. See now you have to go to a peace march to gateway of India.

It reminds me of one incidence between Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel and his personal secretary. I might give you the detailed description of what happened then some other time in another post, but it was about a clause to be added to constitution which his personal secretary was not in favor of and he knew that even Sardar thinks of the same and yet he supported it in constitutional assembly. When he confronted sardar, he replied with something like this, “Look, for one, this is not a permanent clause. Let it be there for some time. When the next generation will understand how bad it is for us, they will amend it. And if they do not understand its bad, they would anyways go down taking our country and constitution along with them”. Now I can see he was right. We do not understand our power of Vote and we are taking our country down with us.  And you know what. I never liked the idea of the peace-march as I have been seeing these days. People come out with some posters, banners which have very emotionally charged lines written on it. They sat down for prayer or offer condolences for people died or raise slogans. And then they go back home and wait for another such thing to happen so that they can do the same exercise yet again. They say, they are showing that we are united at this time of distress. All right I hear that! But then what?? Nothing? I once heard someone went to visit Niagara fall and exclaimed,”Oh!! It’s a pity so much water is flowing down from which we could have produced a lot of electricity”.  So do not waste such huge mass-movement to show just unity. Make sure you give them clear recommendation of how these things can be or might be avoided. Ask them to go and vote! Vote for the right people who could bring well-being for the society, those who can save us from such attacks. This is one such weapon with which we as an individual can make a difference.

My appeal to all my readers is: Please go out and vote. Think and vote. Rise above caste, religion and state and think about your country as a whole. This is for your own safety and benefit. You might have never cried and conveniently ignored when people in Kashmir died and see now they came right into your backyard. Don’t make an excuse that everyone in candidate’s list is equally corrupt. Use “49-0”(see note below), if you think nobody deserve to win. But say it! It will never help saying “enough is enough”! Let them realize that you are monitoring them!! Tell them their wrong doings won’t go unpunished!! And their good works will be awarded!! Tell them that you, an Indian citizen, are the boss!!

This too shall not pass!!

1. 49-O.   Elector  deciding  not  to  vote.-If  an  elector,  after  his electoral  roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in  Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon  as required  under  sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to  record  his vote,  a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or the thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark. (Taken from  http://lawmin.nic.in/ld/subord/cer1.htm)

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Honourable Governor Sir…

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on November 13, 2008

Now I am surprised!!

I have just read news about an all-party-meeting convened by the chief-minister of Maharashtra, “to discuss the Anti-North Indian agitation by the MNS,” and expressed concern over the “maligning of Maharashtra’s image in the country despite the state having an all-encompassing culture”.

Sir, we are not blind or deaf or dumb. You need an all-party meeting to decide how/why to ensure that an “Indian” national can enjoy its fundamental right given to it by “Indian” constitution? And you and your government takes 7-10 days to decide whether or not to arrest a man who claims he and his men have (rightfully??) beaten fellow countrymen? And when people ask you (that is you as CM and your government of the state of Maharashtra) questions, it automatically converts into maligning of state’s image?

As such, I really don’t care what you and all other political parties (here or erstwhile India) say about anything because you are into politics and politicians are notorious for enjoying their freedom of speech (that again comes under fundamental rights from our constitution). What really surprised (and rather shocked) me was the statement given by governor’s office, after this delegation went to Raj-Bhavan, on the same. It said “the state government had the duty to uphold Marathi pride and address the issues of its people” and that “outsiders need not interfere in internal matters of the state.”

The post of Governor in a state is the representative of President of India and is responsible for upholding the constitution above all else. I really admire the intellect of the peoples involved in formulating the constitution of India for they would have foresaw the politics involved in any and all issues in a democracy and hence have created such posts.

I would have been grateful if the statement (since coming out of Governor’s office) would have been something like “the state government had the duty to uphold Marathi pride and address the issues of its people in addition to upholding the fundamental rights given to an Indian national”.
And about the internal matters of state vs. outsiders, Respected Sir, it is quite true that the constitution says that maintaining law-and-order is state-government’s duty but then it also has provisions for central government to act when the state-government fails to do its duty. Please be aware of the fact that when I hear word like “internal matter” from an esteemed office of a Governor of a state, I draw only constitutional meaning out of it and not the political one.

All said and done, I would like to (re)request to all my fellow countrymen, please try to be an Indian first and then a Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Marathi or Bihari. And that calls for respecting our constitution above anything whatsoever.

United we stand, divided we fall!

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Friendship test: in thick and thin

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on November 4, 2008

Remember the Russia-Georgia conflict few months back?? Every nation in world has border-conflicts with its neighbours, especially the one who have undergone partition. What was so special about this? The special thing is the deliberate attempt by NATO (read Bush administration and US) to increase their influence in Caspian-sea region and Eastern Europe. NATO itself has an interesting history of twist-and-turns. Formed in 1949 by few European countries to counter Russia (then USSR) and Germany, for they still had memories of WW-II afresh, has given US a chance to check USSR, sitting right next to them and far away from their own boundaries. The famous quote from the first NATO Secretary General Lord Ismay stated the organization’s goal was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”. The fact that USSR offered in 1954 to become a member of NATO to strengthen it, has been unanimously declined out of fear that they would actually work to weaken the organization shows the actual agenda of the formation. NATO has always been dominated by US though most of the member countries are European. US has selectively and gradually used this tool to work its influence to deeper and deeper towards eastern Europe and to reach till middle-east Asia. The below map shows how they have expanded:

NATO Expansion

NATO Expansion

With growth towards east, US can check more and more geography of its traditional enemy, Russia. The other fueling factor is “Oil”. To have its presence felt in oil-rich middle-east Asia. By presence felt, it’s the use of air-bases and land, deploying missile systems, and to have goods be transported through land safely. We have seen in the past that dominant NATO countries (like US and UK) never give any ear to UN if it does not sing the song they want to hear. I believe it was only France amongst the member countries who has the strength to shot back at US/UK alliance inside NATO, who, in 1958, refused to use its soil by “foreign military nuclears”, withdrawn its military from NATO forces, and created a defense system of its own when it was not given enough rights inside the organization as was given to US and UK. France understood that this organization will only serve the interests of US/UK as it denied the coverage of Algeria which kept France bleeding for quite sometime. France even always tried to get any retaliation by NATO be approved by UN security council but US/UK feel that taking permission from UN undermines the purpose of the alliance and that Russia and China have veto power in security council. Incidentally Eastern Europe and USSR too joined their hands (1955 Warsaw Pact) and interestingly the East Germany was a part of Warsaw pact and West Germany with NATO. After the collapse of USSR and dissolution of Warsaw pact in 1990; for reunification of Germany in 1991, to get Russia’s approval in “Two plus Four treaty” (two being East Germany and West Germany and four being US Russia UK and France), it has been agreed upon that Russia will walk out of East Germany, this will be permanent non-nuclear state and in turn, its said to be decided, there wont be anymore nuclear deployment further East by US and NATO. But NATO never ended its expansion in East (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania were invited to start talks of membership during the 2002 Prague Summit, and joined NATO on 29 March 2004. Similarly in April 2008, NATO agreed to the accession of Croatia and Albania and invited them to join. As this is being written, following four countries are engaged in an Intensified Dialogue with NATO: Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro).


That’s pretty much the history. So the organization came into existence with sole mantra “save yourself from communist attack”. And now we look at the current conflict. After the dissolution of USSR, South Ossetia and Abkhazia have claimed themselves a separate country but Georgia never accepted it. Russia has now recognized them as independent nations (only after this aggression by Georgia), a step which has been widely criticized by West (unlike what they themselves did for Kosovo). The whole point of conflict started with clashes between Georgian and South Ossatia forces and Georgia launching full aerial and ground attack in the month of August. Russia stepped in and poured its troops inside South Ossatia and targeted internal cities of Georgia as well. The reason for Russia to step in is told as more than half of South Ossetia’s citizens are said to have taken up Moscow’s offer of Russian citizenship. Russia says its actions were designed to protect those citizens. Also told is the story that some peacekeepers from Russia working in South Ossetia died in Georgia’s attack. US has a close companionship with Georgia (a Western-sponsored Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline has been pumping Caspian oil from Azerbaijan through Georgia to Turkey’s Mediterranean coast). Georgia had sent its army to Iraq, US has trained Georgia’s army and helped them fly back to Georgia from Iraq in the period of this conflict. And as already stated, NATO has agreed to extend its membership to Georgia. That’s about the whole conflict).


The question is why am I writing all this? How does it matter to India?


Only one point: While all this was happening in Eastern Europe, we were organizing joint naval exercise with US, allowing US aircraft carriers in Arabian Sea!!! How can we forget the sending of nuclear carrier “USS Enterprise” by President Nixon and US government in Bay of Bengal during 1971 war to threaten us? How can we forget the Russian support of dispatching their fleets armed with nuclear weapons to follow “Enterprise” thereby neutralizing the nuclear threat? Is the current Indian diplomatic community blind enough not to understand the meaning of how the presence of such carriers in a region changes the leads in war-zones? The presence would mean US planes can fly right from Arabian Seaand carry nuclear weapon down to south ossatia in a matter of minutes and can land back dropping them in matter of hours. And we call ourselves Russia’s strategic allies? I am thoroughly disappointed with such an action by my elected government. I am not a strategy expert nor I claim myself to be too good in international affairs, but Russia has been our long-time ally and a major arms supplier. It has given us support in various international issues including the one mentioned above. If we cannot support them (due to any reason whatsoever), we should at least not try to increase the threat imposed on them.


I might have not seen the more compelling reasons for doing/not doing what is written up here, but that’s how I, as a common man, feel about it and I believe friendship is a gesture which should always be returned.


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Majhab nahi sikhataa..

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on August 27, 2008

“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.”

-Abraham Lincoln


Yet another attack on the exhibition of M. F. Hussain’s painting!! And yet another “Ram Sena”!! And why? Because he had painted some Indian goddesses in compromising poses, 10 years back which have hurt your religious sentiments? Guys, grow up!! Your Gods and Goddesses are strong enough to take care of themselves and their respects. You don’t have to go around and do it for them.  And you really think you are doing it for your religion, take the words from Abraham Lincoln (above). Do good things for your society. Teach poor children, help orphans, create awareness amongst “educated people” about traffic rules. There are so many things that can be done. Use your energy constructively instead of burning effigies and painting things black. You are using the name of Lord Rama, the one “maryada-purushottam”. I see this act of yours with equal disgrace as I would see statue of Buddha in Bamiyan destructed by peoples of Al-Qaeda and talibans (who are now called terrorists, globally!!). And don’t give me that what-he-did-to-me look!! By counting and recounting others bad deeds, you cannot justify your own bad. This is not your religion. In fact this cant be taught in anyone’s religion.


Majhab nahi sikhaata aapas me bair rakhna

Hindi hai hum vatan hain hindosata hamara

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