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We-the-people in Dance-of-Democracy

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on March 29, 2014

Off late there are so many political posts in social media with people supporting for Rahul Gandhi or Arvind Kejriwal or Narendra Modi. But I dont see the debate on what they say about the leader they support… Alas, we only talk about what the other leader didn’t do.
– I will not vote for Modi because Gujarat development was not done by him alone: OK, what about developments done by Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal?
– I will not vote for Rahul Gandhi because congress government has scams: OK, does BJP government or third front governments were scam free? Dont you see that even people of AAP are also asking for Money?
– I will not vote for Arvind Kejriwal because he is still holding his government quarter? OK.. do i really need to give counter example on this one? Satyapal Singh for one is still on his house in Mumbai, So is Mira Kumar holding two houses in Delhi… The examples are countless.

I can argue on both sides, but the point i am trying to make is how hollow is our support arguments! We are turning blind eye towards the leader we adore, forget all his shortcomings, and try to poke around even the smallest of the issue in other leader.

But that is not the point for which i am writing this post. This is about an ulterior issue which, either no one looks at, or at least no one wants to ponder upon. The point is simple:

No person or party would do what they have committed or what they are promising right now either in their rallies or election manifesto unless they have complete majority (2/3 seats) or at least simple majority (1/2 seats).

Small parties, when asked to join the govt to complete this number, do blackmail the major party running the government and either the big brother bows down to their demand or resign… Either ways we, the people, loose… And it will keep on happening unless there is a complete majority for one party. You love one political leader, one ideology is one thing… but if that one is not going to get the majority, you’d probably do more harm to him and the country by voting for him than for the one who can provide a stable government. 2009 election cost 2000 Cr on public treasury ( and 4 times more by the candidates and parties), and God only knows how much will be this time, considering inflation and other economic factors, but don’t you think if there are re-elections, it is ultimately we, the people, who’d pay?

If i’d honestly look around, it would be a fantasy and a romantic thought to have a corruption free government. WHY? Because we, the people, are corrupt.. And the leaders do not come from outside universe… they are someone or the other from amongst us… Unless we change ourselves, there will be no end to corruption… But on the other hand, look at China, one of the world famous corrupt government, and yet see the development. I never saw anyone claiming there is no corruption in US or UK. Corruption is everywhere… but their government still delivers..

I see the trend in Indian politics these days… All smaller parties look for 20+ seats.. Thats it!! They know it, that no party is going to get a majority at the centre and each of these 20+ seats will THEN come for a cost!! A berth in cabinet, a blind eye towards what they are doing in their ministry or the parent state.. the leaders be obliged with clean chits from CBI on various corruption cases.. what not!! Hell !! Sometime they could also influence the foreign policy ( Voting against Sri Lanka last year is glaring example of the same) which is supposedly independent of any party at the center!! Remember the FDI in retail proposal of Economists like Manmohan Singh shot down by Communist parties? I dont know if these decisions were correct or not, but the point i am trying to make is: It is a party which has very small number of presence in country and in Lok Sabha, and yet they made the central govt do what they wanted to do. And you know what? We, the people, give them the power to do so!!

Voting for all the regional parties at Lok Sabha election is probably not the best thing in my opinion, and that is what we always do. Vote for them in local body elections, vote for them in State assembly elections, but when it comes to central elections, think of it before you vote. Your vote can really make a change.

We, the people, think we are the juggler in this dance of democracy. But alas, we are played nicely by the leaders who project themselves as monkeys dancing on our command, but in essence, it is exactly the other way round.


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Posted by Sudeep Pandey on January 22, 2011

There were very old days, as we read in Vedas, when people were identified and tagged with a caste,based on what profession they were in. Castes were not inherited from father to son… And anyone based on their merits/demerits was identified as brahmin/vaishya/kshatriya/shudra. Then came an era when they started to inherit it from fathers and forefathers.. Principally it was not correct and there were a lot of movements, many enlightened souls, who tried to eradicate this casticism in pre-Independence era. Our government is “strictly against” any such policy. Or at least so I hear. What baffles me is the fact that why they still have almost every government form for any application have this column called religion and caste?? They were suppose to diminish this line of division, isn’t it? How could they eradicate this casticism by associating every Indian to his/her caste and almost identifying everyone by their caste? Some learned souls now even want census based on caste…. God!! what do I do with my politicians….

P.S.: I have been out of it since long… some more pressing things in life made it impossible to continue here. But a few people I listen to, made me come back.

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