सत्य के पीछे का सच

About Me and Manthan

If you are here to know about me… I am afraid there is nothing much to tell. My name is Sudeep Pandey. I am engineer by profession and work for an MNC in Pune. The only thing special which I think I should tell you is that like many others of you, I am a true Indian by heart and anything happening in my country, which I feel is not right, hurts me.

About this blog, I am not a regular writer. So you might find many drops in a single day or no drops for many days. Most of the blogs, (if I think I know myself correctly) would be about current affairs, unless there is too great an impulse and you might have to bear with some of my poetry.

Keep visiting and do drop your comments. Our constitution has granted us freedom-of-speech and hence your comments will be unmoderated. Your views on issues raised in “manthan” are most welcome. I hope we can have a healthy discussion and we might see each others point, in case our thoughts are contradictory. Your comments will encourage me to write more such articles (if you like what i write) or help me stop writing (in case you dont like it).


3 Responses to “About Me and Manthan”

  1. umakanthrao said

    I am very happy to read your writing recent articles,
    its interesting and more informative, i look forward
    such articles.


  2. Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now – always and you realized it my dear Sudeep Pandey. Congratulatinos…I am also thankful to you for the poem of great revolutionary poet Ram Parsad Bismil…. Luck is yours. Wishes are mine. Let ur future always shine. Best of Luck….!

    Plan a visit to Ludhiana……any time…!

  3. Shagan Sah said

    Nice work..please continue writing.

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