सत्य के पीछे का सच

Jana Gana Mana…

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on December 14, 2008

I usually go to watch movie every friday… A bachaler like me has nothing much to do during weekends. One thing I loved and really look forward to, while I go watch movie in a theatre in this part of India. I am not sure of it whether it happens in other parts of India because I seldom went to movie in other parts of India. And that thing is they play “Jana Gana Mana” before the start of the movie. Everytime when I listen to him (this is deliberate: its not listen to “it”, its listen to “him”), I have a uncontrollable urge to sing along with the singers. This whole thing reminds me of morning prayer assembely in school days and the yell of “Jaaaai Hind!!” after national anthem is complete. Yet I cant do it. But some people does… I have heard them singing along…

Guys, We are talking about our national anthem, and like anything national, we have some rules associated.
For the benifit of you and all my fellow Indians, I am listing down them here (I mysef have learnt fifth point while I searched for the rules in yahoo answers):

1. Always be in attention position during the National Anthem.
2. In some countries people use to keep their right hand fist on the heart while National anthem; this is not allowed for Indian National Anthem.
3. National anthem if started then should be completed in anyways.
4. National anthem could not be sung under roof. National anthem should always be sung in open area under the sky.
5. Never use (it) for National Anthem while writing about National Anthem. He’s Live.

This is the fourth point which we should take care of while national anthem is being sung inside theatre… you cannot sing along because you are standing under a roof, its only required to be in attention position. Please do not move, stand-up if sitting, and feel the warmth and glory associated. Following rules is just another way of showing respect towards your country.

Jai Hind!


16 Responses to “Jana Gana Mana…”

  1. Manan said

    Indeed very informative…………especially rule numbers 3 and 4 is forgotten by many!

  2. dreamcatcher said


  3. Is there any need for the 4th rule?? I can’t see any point. Can anyone give me the actual link for these rules??

  4. rahul said

    I Had heard about rule no 4 in my school prayer. i m sure about this.

  5. Please let me get a link for 4th rule..

  6. pradeep kumar said

    very informative. Thank u so much.

  7. it is very informative for all us, because many people does not know the 3 and 4 rule and do unnessasary urgument
    Ashish Kumar Juyal

  8. Ramandeep Aggarwal said

    please help me to get the link for rule no.4.

  9. Why is it then National Anthem is played in Movie Theaters. I have read about rule 4 in my school curriculum.

  10. Retaish said

    UNder roof ..over the roof anywhere u can sing till the time u r respectful to it

    THere is no rule like RULE no. 4

    See Ministry of Home Affairs RULES


  11. Rupali Dey said

    i was searching for d rule no 4. thanx for d answer

  12. Arun Mazumdar said

    Any government code of conduct publication do you have, which carries these rules.. I don’t think so.. What are the source of these rule… any government guidelines do you have against the support of these rule…

  13. Moram said

    Point no. 4 not authentic. We need proof. And I don’t find any expect some people’s copy and paste without any reference.

  14. Anand(Delhi) said

    Actually I didn’t knew about the 4th and 5th rules but when I read about these rules then I knew more about our National Anthem. I am proud of being an Indian.

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