सत्य के पीछे का सच

Time for action

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on December 5, 2008

I have been reading and hearing this since long that 26 November will be remembered in the history of India as India’s 9/11. I have initially been moved by the images that I saw on TV of how tragic and horrible a terror act can be. And like everyone else I cursed politicians for their inability, corruption and what not. And I cried when I saw peoples of the likes of Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte dying on the line of duty. And I am proud of being in a country which is guarded by such officers. And I like everyone else happily clapped for my brave commandos after they have cleaned up the whole mess. But few things have still been mystery for me as far as people of India goes…

I am seeing everyone walking with candles lit in their hand for mourning people who died in Mumbai, a gesture which I rarely saw when exactly similar things happened in Kashmir or elsewhere in India. I have never seen people talking about Major Anshu Saxena of Rashtriya Rifles who died in a night long battle in 2001 fighting with terrorist in Kupwara. I have never seen such marches for Army Majors- Dinesh Raghuraman and K P Vinay who laid their life fighting against terrorist in Tangmarg in 2007. And there had been number of unsung heroes dying in many other parts of India. I can list a number of occasions like these when I felt the pain very much similar to what I felt when I saw Hotel Taj burning. And every time my initial reactions had been same that these ministers and politicians are good for nothing. And then I decided to do my precious little to make thing better. I tried to follow the agenda of political parties and tried to choose the one among the best. And I voted!! Unlike most of the people in India for whom, voting day is a holiday given by government of India when they can sit back in their home, mown their lawns, fix their driller which is not working since long or lie down watching TV, I go out and vote. These people cry to throw away these chief-ministers, home ministers etc for they have not done their duty properly, I ask them: Have you done your constitutional duty?? Have you voted?? Why shouldn’t I ask you to be thrown away into Arabian Sea because you are the one who has not done his/her duty to elect a capable person and hence 183 people in Mumbai died? You say these politicians are dooming the nation, OK, if you think you can do this job better then them, then come, move forward and lead from the front. But till you are not involved in it or you are not doing your precious little to make this better, you have not right to curse them.

And there is another class of voters (first one being those who don’t vote at all): this class who think about whom to vote based on everything under the sun except betterment of their life and their country. They see if the candidate is his/her relative, relative of a relative, friend, friend of a friend, or if nothing works then is he/she of same caste/religion as me, all in exact order. But I consider them better than the ones who don’t even take effort to go to nearest polling station…. See now you have to go to a peace march to gateway of India.

It reminds me of one incidence between Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel and his personal secretary. I might give you the detailed description of what happened then some other time in another post, but it was about a clause to be added to constitution which his personal secretary was not in favor of and he knew that even Sardar thinks of the same and yet he supported it in constitutional assembly. When he confronted sardar, he replied with something like this, “Look, for one, this is not a permanent clause. Let it be there for some time. When the next generation will understand how bad it is for us, they will amend it. And if they do not understand its bad, they would anyways go down taking our country and constitution along with them”. Now I can see he was right. We do not understand our power of Vote and we are taking our country down with us.  And you know what. I never liked the idea of the peace-march as I have been seeing these days. People come out with some posters, banners which have very emotionally charged lines written on it. They sat down for prayer or offer condolences for people died or raise slogans. And then they go back home and wait for another such thing to happen so that they can do the same exercise yet again. They say, they are showing that we are united at this time of distress. All right I hear that! But then what?? Nothing? I once heard someone went to visit Niagara fall and exclaimed,”Oh!! It’s a pity so much water is flowing down from which we could have produced a lot of electricity”.  So do not waste such huge mass-movement to show just unity. Make sure you give them clear recommendation of how these things can be or might be avoided. Ask them to go and vote! Vote for the right people who could bring well-being for the society, those who can save us from such attacks. This is one such weapon with which we as an individual can make a difference.

My appeal to all my readers is: Please go out and vote. Think and vote. Rise above caste, religion and state and think about your country as a whole. This is for your own safety and benefit. You might have never cried and conveniently ignored when people in Kashmir died and see now they came right into your backyard. Don’t make an excuse that everyone in candidate’s list is equally corrupt. Use “49-0”(see note below), if you think nobody deserve to win. But say it! It will never help saying “enough is enough”! Let them realize that you are monitoring them!! Tell them their wrong doings won’t go unpunished!! And their good works will be awarded!! Tell them that you, an Indian citizen, are the boss!!

This too shall not pass!!

1. 49-O.   Elector  deciding  not  to  vote.-If  an  elector,  after  his electoral  roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in  Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon  as required  under  sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to  record  his vote,  a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or the thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark. (Taken from  http://lawmin.nic.in/ld/subord/cer1.htm)


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