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Something to ponder upon….

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on November 8, 2008

I was going through a blog and while trying to answer a question posted there, I used third law of thermodynamics to explain something. That reminded me of some wonderful things we’d read back there in school. Quoting two of them:

Third law of thermodynamics: It states, every system, let alone, tends to maximum possible disorderness. That means in order to keep a system in ordered state or to increase the order, you need to apply energy.

Think of it! Think of the system said in above law as you… Think of the things you do daily… You know smoking is bad for you and yet you smoke… but it takes a lot of effort refraining yourself from doing so. Think about your office as the system… things you observe there. I mean you know what effort it takes to do the crap you are asked to do, and let alone, you won’t ever do it (that would be disorderness). So there are bosses, to put energy (constant screaming) into the system (office) to have it in ordered state. You can see it everywhere… and then you realise it’s a beautiful law.

Le-Chatelier’s principle: This law says, if any external disturbance is introduced to a system in equilibrium, the system shifts itself to a new equilibrium, thereby nullifying (or if cant be nullified then minimize) the effect of the disturbance. That’s actually a law for chemical equilibrium but I have written a general statement skipping/replacing all chemical terms.

Now think of it (yet again)! Consider yourself as the system (umm-huh!! You are my favourite prop! People who watch “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai” will understand this in conjunction with a character in there called dushyant). Okay, we go back to business. You are lying on your couch, popcorn and coke in front of you, watching a movie on TV which you’d always wanted to. This is a system in equilibrium. And your cell-phone rings. What would you do? First reaction: let it ring for sometime (perhaps the caller would disconnect by itself). This is where system is trying to nullify the disturbance. But ringing persists. Now you check the number flashing… pick it or not?? Later would be obvious choice if it’s not really important. (Still trying to nullify the disturbance introduced). But if it’s really important, you pick it up, but you make sure you don’t utter a single insignificant word and close the call as soon as possible. See!! It works for us as well. Let me give you another example. You are sitting in a train, single on a berth. You see a person peeking through the window, trying to see if there is place for him to sit. You immediately expand yourself stretching outwards, and suggest him to try the next car as “there are plenty of berths empty”. That’s nullification. Even then, he comes in. Now you spread your stuff all along the berth to give an impression that full space is occupied. Yet he sits next to you on your left. Now you actually shift yourself towards your right. Yes, you do. That’s the beautiful phenomenon explained!

If you remember any such thing, which we read in schools, which we learnt to be focussed on a specific part of universe, and yet it applies globally, I would request you to drop in a comment.

Correction, if any, are welcome.


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