सत्य के पीछे का सच

“J & K” or “J vs K”

Posted by Sudeep Pandey on August 18, 2008

“In international politics, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. What remains permanent is the national interest.”

Perhaps we have lost the sense of looking beyond our own petty interests. Today what is happening in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the best examples of how politicians can take whole nation as a hostage to gain political mileage.

I have been reading in many places lately what went wrong with people of either Jammu or Kashmir during and after this land-row issue, how they (people of Jammu vs Kashmir)have been affected with this crisis, one way or the other, justifying their demonstration indeed is natural because of suffering of their people and the others is politically motivated. I am neither a specialist of this region nor a man of politics and therefore I withhold myself from commenting on this. But as a layman sitting far away from ground-zero, I can certainly see what we are loosing as a country.

For one, when the international community (read U.S) has explicitly scolded Pakistan (with credible proofs) for ISI being involved with Jihad in Afghanistan (July bombing at Indian embassy in Afghanistan) and elsewhere (read J&K) and India’s stand on terrorism is being supported by govt. functionaries in Pakistan is vindicated (which includes terrorism/jihad in Kashmir), and Pakistan, once the strongest ally in war against terrorism, was in back-foot, we have served them an issue of such kind right on their plate.

The other thing is that this serves perfectly well to all the separatist parties of Kashmir. They have, quite rightly as their policy is, demanded immediate intervention of international community, demanded their immediate accession to Pakistan and worse given an opportunity to the outgoing, to-be-impeached president of Pakistan to show his and his country’s support to separatist peoples of Kashmir. He knew he is going to be impeached and he did resign 4 days after giving this supportive statement but I truly would appreciate that they (politician of Pakistan) remembered their international interests above all differences which lies inside the boundary of their country.

I do not spare any political party not to be held responsible for this issue. And I don’t find any political party involved, to be praised for any effort they’ve made to bring normalcy to this situation till their political interests have not been served.

Note: the post is not complete as yet.


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